DJ live-streams are banned on Facebook!

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DJ live-streams are banned on Facebook!

Let’s talk about Facebook first

Facebook is known as one of the world’s most popular social media sites where people can communicate and additionally its a great platform e-commerce and online business/ services. Its a great market place for both buyers and sellers. One can create a page to promote his/her business. Its such a networking site that makes it easy to connect and share with friends and family. It’s a website that only allows users who sign up for free profiles. Peoples can share live video and upload articles, photos, videos, files, etc. Facebook is considered as the biggest social media network worldwide. There are almost 1.69 billion Facebook users globally. It’s new to grab potentially new audiences. Besides, the traffic to the website will be increasing as the Facebook page makes its own fan base for business or as per its particular perspective. So it’s very helpful to gain audiences and helps people communicate through information with others worldwide.

New terms of service on October 1, 2020
Live streaming is a very much loved feature in FB. Dj’s, gamers, prophets, and people from all walks of life are using this feature. It’s also used commercially. Different companies and businessmen show off their products to increase the rate of sale. Celebrities all over the world use it to build a greater fan-base. Everything was good until FB’s update on October 1, 2020. FB updated their terms of service and it came on action on October 1st of 2020. The new terms of policy raised its voice against copyright music more accurately. It came on the action, DJ’s and other live streamers who use music on their respective streams could use different kinds of music without any problem. But now they cant. They cant now copy any music unless its copyright free.
Read all the new terms of service of Facebook.

Why DJ live streams are banned?

Dj is a person who plays popular music tracks. They play music and beats to entertain people. People enjoy music, songs or beat through TV, radio, or with any other media. The same goes for FB too. The DJ’s who live stream on FB play different music to amuse people. But on October 1st update they made the rules more strict. People cant use any music which is not copyright free. DJs play music which is not their own, so after the update, they won’t be able to play kinds of music live. That’s a small stirring but it’s gonna make a big change. The streamers on FB are mainly Gamer or Dj. So because of these new terms of service FB will lose a lot of their live streamer. That may call upon a breakdown in the live streaming business.  Now the question is, will FB give up so many of their users or they will think of any alternative? Let us know what you think FB will do in the comment section.

How to get organic live stream viewers?

Viewers are the real deal when it comes to live to stream. If there are no viewers on your stream, people will think that you are an inferior streamer. But if are a lot of viewers people will find interest o your stream. So how can one get live stream viewers more and more organically? Read the article How to gain more FB live stream viewers on our website to know every detail and tricks regarding how to get organic live stream viewers. Through that article you’ll get to know what it takes to get more viewers and how can you do so. Or you can just simply buy organic live stream viewers. Paid viewers really work just like normal random viewers. Sometimes it’s even better than normal viewers.

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