Privacy Policy

We congratulate you on a wonderful day. We are always engaged in the welfare of mankind. We have been trying to achieve that, every user in the field of buysocialfan is our blessing. We have continued to keep track of all issues to protect their privacy.
buysocialfan’s team always collects information collected from the user, controls confidentially for maintenance. buysocialfan it is important for every user to be aware of some issues that provide services.

I play my drum
buysocialfan- Sales in all over the world (social media product sales) are used to meet the needs of thousands of customers in the world. Buyers, buysocialfan- advancing by keeping the networking accounts inconvenient or interrupted in the social media, or the difficulties faced by a customer, on the foresees.

Buy products with certainty
Once upon a time trust with full confidence in buysocialfan, order for any social fan and express your assessment by taking the service. Any comments will be run on the path of buysocialfan.
Please check this agreement carefully before purchasing Social Fan services. buysocialfan service, please indicate the approval of your agreement. It is one of the terms of buysocialfan. buysocialfan holds the authority to modify / update, modify the terms of the contract. Request a client to use a website that uses buysocialfan’s website to make a change or personalization.

Use the website
buysocialfan information or any content, images and visual elements are fully regulated by IP. Certainly, approval by buysocialfan if no comments on the topic, duplicate, distribute, send or convert.

Identification of user’s personal information
buysocialfan can collect personal information from users in various ways, including but not limited to when users visit buysocialfan’s site, make an order, add a link, send a message and connect to other activities, services, features or resources. Please ask the users, the appropriate, name, email address, mailing address, phone number information In many go to users, buysocialfan- visit the site anonymously. We collect personal information from users and identify the information that will keep buysocialfan’s team secret from other users. Because, the user or a customer can refuse to provide their personal information by accepting the service, but it does not work with certain specific sites. May be discontinued.
Those who interact with buysocialfan’s site, we can collect non-personal identification information about users and may be prohibited from buysocialfan’s site.

Use of information gathered at buysocialfan
buysocialfan collects and uses users’ personal information for some purposes.

  • Customer / Customer Service Improvement

User-provided information responds more efficiently to your customer service requests and support.

  • Bringing the user’s personal experience

Using the information of buysocialfan as a whole, we can understand how our users as a group use the services, resources provided on our site.

  • buysocialfan site improvement

You can use your given feedback to improve buysocialfan’s products and services.

  • Payment process

In order to provide order services at buysocialfan, we can provide information about the user. Sharing this information with outside parties, without the need for buysocialfan services, does not share.

  • We believe that users will be interested in running a promotion, competition, survey or other site features.
  • Send periodic emails

We can use the email address to send user information and updates about their order. It can also be used to answer their questions, questions or other requests.

How we protect your information
buysocialfan Provides appropriate data collection, storage, and processing procedures and security measures regularly to protect your personal information, username, password, transaction information, and information from the site of buysocialfan, from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction.
Site-sensitive and personal information exchange, payment processor and its users are on an SSL secure communication channel and are encrypted and protected with digital signatures.

This privacy policy change
buysocialfan has the ability to update this privacy policy at any time. We provide the update date at the bottom of this page. buysocialfan encourages users to check often to keep track of how they help to secure personal information collected. You acknowledge, agree that it is your duty to be aware of this Privacy Policy review and change in phases.

Your acceptance of these terms
You acknowledged the terms and conditions of this policy and services. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not browse buysocialfan’s site.

Contact us
Give us a message about buysocialfan, any comments, queries, additions, deletions, and changes.

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Last Update: 05 April 2018