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get twitch live viewers

Get Twitch live stream viewers.

About Twitch
Gaming is a passion found all around the globe. Every passionate gamer wants his game stream to be famous. Twitch is a social media that allows only the gamers to shine. Yes, You heard me right, only the gamers get the biggest chance. Twitch allows the gamers to broadcast live gameplay. They also allow Esports, Gaming talk shows, gaming tournaments, food and travel, events, etc. Twitch has more than 15 million daily active users. Twitch is a live streaming social media platform is growing bigger day by day. And thanks to the Corona pandemic, the number of viewers and creators has increased a lot. If you look at the stats, as only for a live streaming social media, its stats are impressive.

Get twitch live stream viewers
As Twitch’s homepage displays streamers according to the views so for Twitch live viewers are the real deal. If you have a big fanbase you are the shining star. But if you are failing to get the fans then sir Twitch is not the place to survive. Twitch has an average of 1,994,000 views. But still, there are channels which don’t have many viewers. There a few easy steps to get live stream viewers:
Playtime demanding games. Sometimes streamers don’t get views as they are not playing the game that is famous at that time. People always rush towards those games which are very famous.
Get Paid Viewers. You can also buy real and organic live stream viewers from different social fan selling company. These companies will provide you, get real organic twitch live stream viewers.
Promote your channel. To get viewers, promoting helps a lot. Before starting, you can share and promote your channel in different social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Interact with viewers: Interacting works a lot to grow a good committee. Interacting creates a connection between the streamer and the viewers and that makes a viewers to attend another stream.

Games on Twitch
Twitch is the place for gaming. So if it is about Twitch, talking about gaming is a must. Let’s take a quick view to the ranking of the game till now on Twitch. (Sep 2020)

PositionGames nameAverage viewersAverage ChannlesTime watched (hour)
#1Just Chatting235,0483,54739,488,0
#2League of Legends195,7674,34632,888,7
#4COD: MW105,6729,25117,752,8
#5Fall Guys117,5282,80319,744,7


These are the most famous games played by the streamers. Besides these games, Among Us, GTA 5, CS: Go, Valiant, and Dota 2 are the most famous. Though in the list mentioned #1, Just chatting doesn’t give its main attention to gaming. Its main priority is to interact with the viewers.

Top channels in Twitch:

#2TfueA++9,031,125234,799,302COD: MW
#4MythA++6,744,624120,462,705COD: MW
#5RubiusA++5,468,62282,639,832Just Chatting


Why viewers are important?
For Twitch Viewers are everything. The ratings, earnings everything in Twitch depends on viewers. The channels showed on the homepage are also based on the number of viewers. The rating and ranking also depend on viewers. So viewers are very necessary for Twitch live streaming. Not just Twitch, on any social media viewers, are very important.

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