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Social media marketing, Internet marketing, and search engine optimization shorts tips and tics.

Have you not enough time to learn internet marketing and search engine optimization so it is for you.

Here, I am going to share a very short technic how to get more traffic, fans, followers, likes, comments, visitors overall sales your products for your business.

See a short checklist of On-page SEO for your website or blogs.

1. Create a very good speedy website, if your site load very fast your site will get rank very easily, so buy good quality hosting and check your website or blogs with Google speed checker.

2. Use your keyword in your website or blog link or any post or page, and it is really crucial for your rank factor, all search engines follow this strongly.

3. For any post or page try to use short and think full URL, search engines love to look short URL if you use a very long URL its not very good for your post or page for rank.

4. For helpful and quick rank use keyword in your title.

5. Try to use your keyword in the first paragraph in 5 lines also place page or post title in your H1 tags.

6. Keywords must use in the meta description: it is essential for your good search result if you can add a keyword in description properly your website will get rank quickly.

7. Find our all broker link and fix those, if you have many broken links in your website it will affect on your for getting rank onto search engine so you should need to find out broken link and fix those.

8. Image or video optimization is a more crucial part of your website or blog rank. so when you  post any picture or videos please optimize your images or videos so the search engines will easily understand what is the pictures or video

9. Add HTTPS in your site so it will more secure and get rank easily onto search engines.

10. Mobile response or mobile-friendly site is now very important for your rank factor because today’s maximum % of people browse use their mobile; so make sure your website or blog mobile-friendly.

11. Make unique and easily readable content, all are just for users, not bot or robot so if you can create easy to read your content and unique must your web or blog get quick rank in all search engines. because when you will write easy and real able content, more people will visit your site and day by day get rank easily.

Secret tips for the quick index for your backlinks. 

Are you doing backlink every day but not rank on your websites or blogs because of your backlinks not index by the search engine so here I am going to share in a sentence the technic how to get easily index into the search engine, really it is very short but important and must get quick index your backlink in a very short time. how? after done your backlinks just share with some social media networks, its special that for your indexing backlinks. if possible, please share your backlink in a different country than see magic your indexing, if you need to know more, please let me know I will give you free tips.

How can I get Instant popularity across social media networks?

Today social media is most popular for all kinds of people so now for business marketing you can target social media networks if you want instantly popularity and sales use live marketing here is an easy option to getting customers, fans, traffic, and visitors go live with Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube with your business or services then share your live link with different kinds of the social network you will see many visitors in your live and some will be converted to customers if you have no live for sharing or marketing for getting live stream viewers you may buy those from use.

Fresh content and get quick rank:

Google likes fresh content, so it is really important it for your blog or website, do write unique and fresh content and get rank easily, content is the king of any part of internet marketing and SEO, king content means fresh unique content those are easily read by users and helpful. if you can do that your website must get a quick rank.

What is the main fact of SEO rank?

All search engines now changed their views, now all SEO bots focus for uses friendly, if you can create for all to users and once your website visit by users if they get help from your website then must easy and quick rank your website or blog so create all for users not search engine robot and get rank.

Voice search:

For your website or blog ranking now factor of voice search because many people don’t live to type so they are using voice for getting desired products of service so make your website voice search enable technic. now dominating voice search for finding service or products so for your site rank you must need to follow how to improve your website follow the voice search. if you can do that must your website get more and more traffics, visitors fans and overall customers.

Use long-tail keywords and get easy rank for your website or blogs:

For easy and quick rank your service or products you can use long-tail keywords its will really help for your business or website. if you can use in your content long-tail keywords you can see must quick success in your web. so for the easy rank, you should use long-tail keywords, here you can see details about long-tail keywords.

Link building.

Backlinks are very important for website or blogs, so do backlinks properly and get more rank your website and blogs, you can see many ways to do backlinks but content base backlink is the really effective quick result here is details how to get backlinks with resources and pages. for best link building follow the google rules.

Importance of hashtags (#tags) on Social Media:

Today people use hashtags on social media posts for specific topics, first, use # then use tags or keyword, like today popular hashtags are #covid-19 or #coronavirus, so for your post useful in your social media and quick reach to worldwide you can use hashtags properly in your posts, it is really important for social media content sharing or posts, for any kinds of topics you can use #tags for your social media networks. so for your social media content or posts useful and smart use hashtags so your post will quickly who want to see the targeted posts.

Magic technic for Search engine optimization for your website or blogs:

Here I am sharing how to get quick rank and increase your website and blog rank on all search engine tools. really it is a very good and effective way of getting your website rank, how? update your website or blog every day, write something about your niche related content, if you have not the huge time for doing that you can put on your website 3-5 sentences, it is my practical experience, so do write something about your website-related topic and increase your search rank day by day. also if you have no time about 30 minutes for your website let us know we will do those for you.

Video content:

For both kinds of marketing search engine optimization and social media marketing, you can take action with video marketing, it is also important to think of today marketing of video marketing, so create a video with good and fresh, useful content for your business or services and post the video to your YouTube or Facebook also other social networks than you can be getting more engaged with your targeted people and for the video, you need to optimize and remember put your website or blog link onto your video description and do share to the different targeted group, once you will get more engagement with different visitors than you will get your website rank easily.

Connect your website or blog to search engine:

After completing your site you should need to connect to search engines tools, once your website designed fully completed then you need to first work for On-page SEO work, most important be connected search engines, especially add your website to webmaster Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and possible try to other if you can add your websites to different webmaster than your website or blogs will get easy rank. so it is really very important for quick SEO rank.

Use title, description, and keywords for your every page:

Use or write to your every page keyword, page description, and page title so your website every product or service will focus and rank differently as like a website so for a very good result, please add to your every page different keyword, meta description, and title. now all search engine see your post or page like as a website or blog so for a very good result please create a very good page title, description, and keyword so any users will search to use a search engine if you can add properly title, meta description, and keywords it will get quick rank to all search engine. for SEO search rank it is really important for your website, blog overall your business, so use this technic and get better results to all search engines.

New marketing way with Instagram TV:

Facebook allowed that Instagram Ads will show to the IGTV video app, it’s earn share who is creating content for those. also, it will work with Live stream do you want to more details just click here.

Great news For Instagram users:

Do you like and love to enjoy with your friends and family now Instagram has this opportunity, by Instagram you can now group video chat with 50 people at a time, feeling amazing? yes by Instagram you can create a messenger group just in few seconds and starting chat till 50 people, Facebook’s owner of Instagram announced that about “Instagram messenger group” hmm it has very useful and users friendly group joining system, you can create a link and share that to join users can easily to join your group. really very smart feature for Instagram users.

How to create a group?

The very easy and quick process go Instagram app click messenger icon > click Camara button> click create a room > create a room with a name then select people and click done.

The really interesting point where anyone can join to use the group link no need Instagram or Facebook account, hmm, Interesting so let’s start an Instagram messenger room.

You keywords up and down from search results?

it is for you if you see your keywords up and down to all search engine, especially Google, real this short tops and stable your keywords in Google and all search engine tools, if you want to see your keywords in the first page 1-5  no position first do backlink than earn share your website to different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin. if you want to stay your keywords in google’s first page with log time get more share and start your keywords in Google and all search engine bot.

How can I start SEO for my website?

For any kind of website or start internet marketing first, you just need to think about it than audit with your competitor website. write your keywords on Google and select the first 05 websites and find out why they are in Google first position, see all part content, backlinks, visitors, price and all other as much as possible then create a checklist do you will start and work day by day, it is amazing research and growing your business system in online.

Website Language:

Website language is a big fact for SEO and marketing because the website is worldwide and anyone can see your website if you permission so you know worldwide have many languages so make your website with translate friendly website for this you will get many kinds of help for your website. so make your website easy language translate friendly for these visitors will stay more time and your website get more search and sales.

Easy use website:

The user-friendly website is really important for any kind of internet marketing or Best SEO service because once will create your website with users useful it must look good all search engine toots. because now all search engines one thinks how much time people staying on your website. so make easy use website and get rank.

Local SEO:

Today’s majority business and shop going their business worldwide but for special service for products need and business owner want to local search. like once a visitor visits aboard then they try to find local shops or services for help. so for more sales, you just need to work for local search, like add your business in your local directory socially add Google my business, Bing places, apple map listing. if you want more details and perfectly doing local SEO you can see details here. Local businesses are now going with popular for local people or visitors or tourists, so follow the link and step by step how you will do a local search for all search engines, also if you need or want more details about this please replay to us.

Website security:

Now all search engines follow first think website security if you have no security in your website or your blog then you will not get rank of your sites, so for your website, you should need security set up for your website. search engine tools or bots find some issue for website rank with security issues like if your website or bloc you can’t add HTTPS it will affect your website rank, all search engine bot will see your website with black eyes. so for a better result please add HTTPS on your website. of your website has normal security and has an opportunity to hack your website it will very bad effect on your website.

Easy contact page:

For user-friendly and most trustful website or blogs, especially for selling products of service you just need to add a very easy contact page because it is very important for any kinds of customer service, so add easy and free touch contacting systems, like a phone number WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and email, and must follow those communication apps open because in the whole world follow and search your page and you know some country now a day and some are night so better open those app and ready to replay for your customer instantly. it will really help and you will get more customers and must increase or visibility your website on traffic and search engines.

White hat manual SEO:

For a free and long time SEO rank result you must need to work white hat SEO, so all search engine will love your website and day by day increase your rank, it is not like a paid marketing, paid marketing will show your website during your payment time but other time will not show your website in search engines so better do real, organic, white hat SEO and get permanent rank for your website. if you need any help with on-page and off-page SEO just let us know we will free tips for you.

Paid marketing:

All kinds of search engines and social media networks allow for paid marketing, for Instant and quick result, paid marketing is really helpful if you make a website today or recently you can promote your website, blog with products or services and if you won’t see your website or products in search engines you can make a paid AD with search engine company, like Google, Bing, Baidu. also if you want to more targeted people you can use Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest in that social media networks you can make easy AD and gain a more targeted customer, Paid AD to make it easy and quick sales.

LinkedIn marketing: 

Searcing website for professionals? so it is for you if you are a professional or need expert then make a LinkedIn marketing and here you will get the word’s about 70% company and professional, so for all kinds of professionalism you get here, so for high-quality marketing for your business or products or buying and selling service or work especially IT-related or internet service related you can receive or provide by LinkedIn, for this Linkedin now worlds top’s professional tools in the world.

Be Smart and updated:

The very important thing for SEO rank you must need to be an updated expert and follow google and other search engine tools for their news, so you can get a daily update and work to follow that instruction, so you will go right way easily. for getting more good position to all search engines. every day all search engine improve their algorithm so you need to change as like search engine bot, normally all search engine follow users help, as much possible users will benefit those websites or blogs will get quick rank for all search engine, so need to think for easy and information data to upload website or blogs.

Social network share:

Every day a huge number of people stay on social media networks, for getting quick people or and instant sales you can share your website or products in different social sites and social groups, if you follow you can see some FB or LinkedIn groups have millions of people connected so just one share you will connect to millions of people so from them you will get customers and once you will get visitors your website, blogs, products or service must get rank because people loving your site.

Backlinks – Quality or quantity? 

Now all search engine follow quality for search result if you have thousand of bad quality backlinks it will no big effect on your search engine but if you can do 3-5 quality backlinks your website will get very good rank to all search engines so always follow quality backlinks because search engines love the quality, not quantity about 10 years ago quantify was a most important thing but now search engine follow quality so for good result do quality backlinks.

Why need to HTTPS for my website or blogs:

Without HTTPS you will get many visitors because without HTTPS you can’t think today Google or other search engine rank, for better results for both users and search engine bots you should need to add HTTPS on your website. without HTTPs your website will go down day by day because it’s a security issue if you not add HTTPS your website will show its harmful for browsing so huge visitors will lose from website search or direct clicks.

Avoid using the Bug software of plugin on your websites or blogs?

Today Bug very popular world in the cyber world because the bug is really very harmful to your website blogs or your business so once you will use any software or plugin into your website or online business you must need first test all site its how to work for your website. because bug means once you will for any expected result it will show other it called normally bug, once you will see any unexpected error message on your website or billing or any form it is a bug, also any bug on your website it will negative effect on your website or search engine rank. so for any kind of software or any tools before adding your website you must need to check them manually then publish.

Add your audio name into LinkedIn:

LinkedIn added a new feature that your name will correct pronunciation, feel amazing yes that’s true now you can record your name the correct pronunciation and add to LinkedIn profile, for this other user will call with your correct name, really I think LinkedIn added a very good modern feature because maximum about people, can’t correct pronunciation name so it will really sound of the LinkedIn user,  for easy setup click here.

Content marketing:

For all type of internet marketing content is king, now SEO specialist saying content is SEO king so for your blog, website, e or u commerce website must need good quality content today’s all search engine and other search tools special see for content marketing, for top quality SEO rank you should need content marketing, write quality content for your website or online marketing see magic SEO rank for your online crowd.

Get SEO rank by social media live:

Now the majority social media network have added different think for live streams, like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, so you can go live with your followers and attract more people, once you are getting more viewers than naturally, some people will reach you and your website will get rank day by day.

Keyword rank and organic search:

Get keyword rank and organic search must your website increase day by day, all blogs and website keyword is very important for search engine search so must follow all rules and research and get more rank, for special keyword rank must need unique good quality content it is a very important and powerful way, so if you can focus on 3 option keyword, organic search and good quality content must your website improve and get rank to all search engine number one page.

Social media post:

The vital role plays social media for all internet system, so for search engine rank strongly depend on social media, if you continue to post about your business, website or blogs and if people see that from this post you will many websites click, once you will get many visitors or traffic day by day your website will get rank, once you will get the post in social media then website get signal from social media and must increase your website or blog rank.

Unique content:

Write Unique and thankful content for your website or blog and get search result from your targeted people in the worldwide, if you add duplicate content or article into your website not get rank even will not get organic search, unique content is powerful for your website search, now all search engine follow good content where is posted, they love and increase rank on the web world.

Increase your sales by visitors tracker, 

Google Analytics is now very popular and real-time visitors or traffic tracker,  for a stong and targeted customer find out and work to check that idea by google analytics, you can monitor what kinds of visitors buy your products or services and which location visitors more interested of you products, you can monitor all and take action to check those, so for targeted and right marketing you can easy track all data from google analytics so connect to google traffic tracker and get a strong idea and to do the work as customers wanted.

Keep update WordPress, Theme, and plugin:

If you use WordPress for your website then for website speed, security, and getting more traffic you must need keep update your WP PHP version, WordPress theme,  and plugin because once all will be update then you will get more rank of your website or blogs, so it is important for your website all update, so check your website inside WordPress PHP latest version, Installed theme update version, and all plugin updated if all are okay and updated then your website must better for all sector like website speed, SEO rank, users friendly, search engine friendly, bug fixing all will better.

Do Schedule post and get a better result:

Today social media, website or blog post Schedule post is very popular for its own power, you can many posts just in a day or once you will free and those are upload to your website or social media and make a schedule for the right time to posts so think its really important for your posting to your social media, website, and blogs because for this you can be benefited time, timing, people engaging, no mischance. for this continuously will love by the search engine, by people, by all search bot for this your website, social media post got rank and increase engagement day by day.

Audit your website or blogs:

For better results, you should need to audit your website or blogs, for auditing you need also check your competitor’s website who gets already ranked so once you will audit about 10 websites who are already placed in the search engine the first page. once you will audit and analytics about 10 websites you will fully understand and take action about see others and how to improve other websites. just follow others and get ranked day by day.

Update your website to see your competitors:

Now you can buy many kinds of SEO tools, those are will help for your Site rank or getting more search, once you will follow and select the first 5 websites in Google first page that means those are your competitors and follow up and check all parameter, for how to create the website, and how can use those websites on the page and off page SET up, and take action and work as your competitors have done.

Find the broken link and build your web link:

For your website or blog the best way to quickly search engine rank, find broken link form web and add your website to those broken link, it is a very positive effect and positively thinks to grow your backlink, for those your website will add all search first page, so for short time white hat rank find out broken link and replace your website.

Make Social media business pages:

For your business or website or blogs, you can create a business page to all social media network, like the Facebook business page or fan page, LinkedIn company page, Twitter business page, Instagram business page, Pinterest page, YouTube channel if possible more like TikTok, SoundCloud, Spotify, etc. those pages will help to get more people, visitors, fans followers and those will help for your business and getting customers because once will anyone see your business social media page and if interested then will visit your website for this your website get rank and more seles.

SEO tools:

Use different SEO tools for different research like for user tracking use Google analytics, for keywords research use Google keyword planner, for website speech test use google speed test checker, for use Alexa, Neil Patel, ahrefs, use smallseotools and copyscape for your duplicate content check, and you will get huge tools on online just use first 5 ranking tools for any kinds of your website research, do an audit and research your all parameter with your high-rank competitors and get a better idea and work to follow them.

Content publish:

Write unique content for your own website blogs post also you may post content to a different website for getting easy rank, for all kinds of website or blogs must need a content post to other website and own blog, if you can do properly your website or blog must get quick rank easily.


Use current trend for more customers and search you can search and see how is today’s trend, so use those trend #tags and content, if you can do daily or continuously current trends your website must increase rank day by day. so use current trends and get more sales.


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