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Now-a-days Facebook is the most common and number one social media service in the world. Now, No one at the world that person is unknown about Facebook. Facebook is an American social media service. Facebook was created by Mark Zukarbarg. Facebook is a media, which provided us many types of social services. We can update our post, our opinion at public place by using Facebook. We can also upload our photo for entertainment.

Today’s many people are using Facebook for their business work and many are using for social awareness. Some people arealso using for information and communication technology. People are usingFacebook for their different reasons.

Facebook provide us different types of services. We can do many things within Facebook. Now I want to describe shortly the services of Facebook.

Facebook Profile:

                   Facebook profile is a service of Facebook, by which people can recognize that is you. Facebook profile is a kind of service by which you can share about you. You can set a photo as your profile image. In your Facebook profile you can add your personal information like hometown, current city, where do you job etc.

News Feed:

          News feed is a place, where updating post regularly. Mainly that posts came to you because of your choice. I mean those posts comes to you by your friends, a Facebook page that you like, or those things which you have interest.

Facebook Post:

                             Facebook post is one kind of service of Facebook. We can share our opinion at public forum by using Facebook. We can write it in English or our own language. If we want then we can attach a photo, video and link in our post. Not only with post but also signally we can upload photo, we can update profile picture or cover photo.  Here have some options. If anyone wants then he/she can react to my post or photo. They also can like, comment and share our photo or post. We can also post any link on Facebook.

The Facebook lite is same as Facebook like news feed, notification, update status, photos and more service.


                Messenger is a one kind of mobile messaging app. It is also a good kind of products of Facebook. By using messenger we can connect with people very easily. We can text messaging, can send image or sticker or different kind of emoji. We can chat with group; we can make a video and audio chat with people.This messaging system is not only inside of your country, it is worldwide. Messenger is available on android, windows phone and IOS device.

Facebook group:

                        Facebook group is very common things today. It is one kind of community. More than 1 billion people are connected with Facebook groups.  One person can create a Facebook group then he/she can add people for group member. It is not possible to add a person out of friend list. He/she only could add friend to that group.

A group admin should have to a Facebook group. He can add more admin for his group. There could have a group moderator if admin want.

Facebook group activities could many types. A friend or group member can upload a photo for sharing with group friends. Then if the admin want that the photo may upload against his group then he could give approval for upload the photo.


          Facebook events are a service of Facebook, by which we can gather people and make some party with friends. People can make an event for any occasion as like birthday, job, travel, marriage etc in life. For this reason people can invite people and make gathering with friends. Every month about 550 million people use events.


        Video sharing is one of the wonder of Facebook. Now people are sharing video in Facebook. People wants to share their wonderful discover at Facebook. Different kinds of creation, different ideas share to Facebook as video. Some guy also shares their fun, as a video in Facebook news feed. A statistic says that, people watch minimum 100 million hours video in days.


          Facebook is the biggest place of photo sharing in social media. People shares different kinds of photo in every time. There have different options to share of a photo. You can upload that photo by tagging your friends or you can add there your location.

You can upload that photo by using an album. It is a very interesting and creative idea of Facebook. Now it is easy to upload a photo by a category. You can add some captions, add some locations and also add some details about that album.

Facebook search:

                        Facebook search is an important service of Facebook. Find any posts and photos that your friends have shared or the page has shared that you like. You can search for adding your new friend. You may search any page or group in Facebook that you are interested. Facebook Page:

                             We can create a Facebook page. For that at first we have to have a Facebook profile. Then we could create a Facebook page against the profile. As like a Facebook profile, a Facebook page should have a profile picture and a cover photo.

People may create a page for different reasons. Someone’s have a shop. That person may have a page for marketing about his products.A school committee can create a page for their school. A person who have a hospital then he could create a page for his hospital and a person who have an online shop then he might have a Facebook page for his online shop.

We can like those Facebook page and could get update for their products. We can get routine and schedule from that school page that we like. We could get regular activities update from those Facebook page.

Free Basics:

                Free basic is another service of Facebook. This service is available in parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia. In free basic service, it allows to browse people selected health service, employment and local information website without data charges. This app service will be available in more countries in the world.

Facebook lite:

                   It is a popular app for Facebook browsing. Facebook lite is another version of Facebook for android. It is less than 1 mb, so it is easy to install and browsing. It needs less data to browsing than other applications. Now, more than one billion of people are using Facebook lite.

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