How can I start Facebook video marketing and attract more views and Live stream viewers?

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How can I start Facebook video marketing and attract more views and Live stream viewers?

Do you need to increase your Facebook video views in case of your marketing purpose? Then here a strategy for you that every month 2.2 billion people log in to Facebook. So it is a very big opportunity to increase your marketing by using Facebook. In the whole world, Facebook is the second most used platform for video sharing. So it is a very good way for your marketing strategy.

By using Facebook is the best site to invest. We have some idea to naturally to get the best result if you follow these tips. Today’s there are hundred millions of people are here for business. In this platform, if you want to become a successful Facebook marketer then you have to understand how this system works.

What is an organic view? At first, you have to learn about organic views. Now it is more difficult to increase organic views. You have to try the best to reach your ultimate goal. In this topic, we will discuss some tricks on how you can improve your views on Facebook.

Facebook Watch now At the peak of popularity so you can post to Facebook video and marketing with buysocialfan and get a very quick result, for a good result you can go Facebook live and share your all think so it will be more trusted and authentic for getting more visitors, traffic overall your customers.

1. You must have to know for views

Facebook marketing is becoming very popular continuously over the last years. But unfortunately, most of the people are not seen those videos till the end. So it will not succeed for Facebook marketers. Before we making a video for upload on Facebook we must have to know some techniques or tips for Facebook video views. Here have some video formats that exact video size and look good. Here we go….


  • In this case the recommended video dimension is1200 x 628
  • Minimum dimension is 9:1
  • Landscape aspect ratio is 16:9
  • Maximum video size is 4GB


  • Recommended video size is 1200 by 628 pixels
  • Recommended specs: .MP4 or .MOV format, maximum file size 4GB, maximum length 120 min, maximum frame rate 30fps.
  • Minimum aspect ratio is 1:1


  • Recommended size: 1280 by 720 pixels.
  • Minimum width: 600 pixels.
  • Supported aspect ratio is 9:16 (full portrait)

Here we have discussed video format. This video format is highly recommended and those are an

Ideal video size. You Guys can follow this.

There is not any magic formula for increasing your video view. However here have some tips to get more organic traffic to your video. You can read this article if you want to increase your traffic on your Facebook video.

2. Be equal with your post

It is very important that you have to consistent with your post because it will speak a lot for your business. Be aware of your post. Do not mix all the posts.

If I take an example that, if you want to use square videos for your content, then stick with that type for all the other posts. It is more important that your target audience will remember your brand quickly.

3. Decent video resolution

When it is a matter to get more views, then it is too much important to have a decent video resolution. Otherwise, viewers will not want to watch any more videos unless it has not better video resolution.

4. Soundless video

Here statistics that, According to Digiday, around 85% of Facebook users prefer to watch videos without sound. So it is more important to use soundless video for better views. In this case, you have to do something that people can understand your video without using sound. Here has an excellent idea that adds text to your video content. Captions will help a lot in portraying your message to the audience. The best way to do this is by adding text. You can do it easily with video editors. And you have to avoid complicated content that might make the viewer get lost throughout the video. Watching a video with no sound might make it easy for someone not to understand your message. So, make sure your video is easily understood without sound.

5. Thumbnail

Thumbnail is the most important for attracting people to your video. Believe it or not that the truth is that people will click on your video based on the first photo that they see. For this reason, you have to make sure that all your video uploads have an engaging thumbnail. In this case, you may hire a graphics designer for making an interesting or attractive thumbnail. Or if you want to make thumbnail then here some tips to make a good thumbnail. Those are….

  • Using a friendly face
  • Use a Picture That Conveys an Emotion
  • Include Short but Powerful Text
  • Choose a Related Picture

 6. Square Format

It is more important that if you want to grow up your views then you have to decorate your video fairly. Then you may choose the squire video format. Format 1:1 is the most popular video format to watch on Facebook. This format is bigger than the others and people will prefer to watch videos in this format. Also, due to the addition of Instagram with Facebook, this format has risen to the first place when it comes to popularity.

7. Video description

This is important that you may add video description to your video. You may add a caption to your video. Here is no need to add more text for your video but you may add some text to your video so that people can understand your video by this text or caption.

8. Catch attention

If you want to grow up your video view, then you have to catch the attention of people in the first 3 seconds. It can be difficult to catch people’s attention quickly. Therefore, adding a textbox at the beginning might solve this problem. After catching attention you may tell a story about your content related.

9. Pay for Adds

In this time to getting organic views for Facebook becoming so hard. But here has a solution for you. You have to allocate a budget for digital advertising. Set aside a particular amount of money that will be used solely for promoting all the Facebook videos uploaded on your business page. also here is an option to buy easy getting Facebook video views cheap and instant and You can always track the insights or statistics for each campaign that you set up.

So, it might be more expensive to invest money in advertising, but it will be valuable for it.

If you want to be a successful Facebook marketer then it is not so easy. You have to work hard and follow some differential tricks. If you can research what people want and what they enjoy, then you can be a gainer. Here we have discussed some tips. Usually, which tips are more useful you may get it by researching your targeted audience.

10. Facebook Live

Go Facebook live and make more viewers easily on your video, once you will get many viewers on your life you can see your live viewers count and after ended your video you will see how much you earned total views. so easy to buy Facebook Live stream video viewers instant start and get popular by your Facebook video. Now the Facebook watch is very popular so its important role play for online marketing.                                                    


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