Is My Facebook Fan Page Indexed by Google?

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Don’t assume that since you created a devotee Page, Google can mechanically crawl the page. head to Google and place your full Facebook Fan Page universal resource locator within the search box. If Google doesn’t list your Facebook Fan Page within the search results, you’re not indexed. You won’t get indexed immediately; it may take anyplace from twenty-four hours to 1 month once you produce the page for your Facebook Fan Page to induce indexed by Google, therefore, don’t worry if you’re not indexed the day once you produce your page.
Your Fan Page isn’t mechanically indexed by Google if it shows up in Facebook search results. Facebook uses Bing; so it’s attainable for you to be indexed in Facebook and Bing, however not by Google.
Facebook Fan pages area unit indexed by Google if they’re updated oft and have relevant keywords. once confirming your business’s page is indexed in Google, check its ranking for your most significant keyword phrases.
If your Facebook Fan Page is not indexed by Google, don’t submit your universal resource locator to Google. If your page is not indexed, you wish to correct the matter. Google did not overlook your Fan Page, their bots encountered a tangle whereas attempting to crawl your page.


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