Stay home and focus on social media marketing to avoid infection with Covid -19

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Just for COVID 19, all are changed life, business, think all are now new, especially next business will base the Internet and online related orders, maximum order will be made by online so for better do your website and SEO and get more sales easily. for any kind of internet marketing help just let us know.

This is time for online skill developments to wait at home and every day received and catch an online marketing system, web design, SEO, and all other internet marketing way, so you will be 2 sites benefited one is you can business for your website and company also today’s world going to online, next world will be depended on online buying system, so this Corona time stay in the home and develop your skill and get more money easily from the worldwide.

Stay home and focus on social media marketing to avoid infection with COVID-19

COVID-19 is now the name of a global pandemic. Originating from the Wuhan province of China, he is on the verge of victory at the edge of the world today. It is as if there is no one to pull his rush. Even the developed countries are being hit by it. So far millions of people have been infected, thousands of people have died. Every day the procession of death is getting longer. Experts in this situation advise everyone to stay in the home quarantine. Because no effective remedy or deterrent has yet been discovered. However, research is ongoing. now, most of the country is lockdown and about 95% of people are saying at home.

How can I use Home Quarantine Time properly?

Spend time with your family, but still huge time in your hands? Then you start doing Internet marketing related work for your business from home and safe.

In this situation, social isolation is one of the main ways to stay healthy. Everyone is trying to stay home in the best way possible. Social media is now the only way to socialize during this isolation. People are now mostly dependent on social media for information, news or entertainment they need. Now people are busier than ever on this platform.

Why do you stay idle in this dynamic of events? So start social marketing today, start promoting your product. Because you know, the campaign is spreading.

For social marketing, you can think of Facebook first. Because there are more users here than other platforms, about 1.69 billion. The more users mean the more traffic. You have to choose virtual publicity for the growth of any of your business. Because you have to think that everyone is your customer.

How to get started?

In the beginning, you have to create a page. And those of you who already have a page you need not pay attention.

Work is not that difficult. To do this, first, go to Create option on your Facebook menu. Then create a business page. Enter the name and type of your organization there. After that, primarily your page crating is done. Now add your organization’s banner and logo and they must be attractive.

Then go to the Edit Page Info option and write about your organization. This part is very important. Of course, those who have already pages can also pay attention here. This is normal because your customers will want to know about you properly. Add your phone number, email, website, everything here so that interested people can contact you if needed. That’s all. Now your business platform is ready.

Is that really all?

No. Just the beginning. Now you have to show this platform to the people. That is, this page has to be made known. This is called page promotion. It can be done in two ways. You can simply invite your friends who will make your page known to others by liking it. Another method is that you pay Facebook and they will hang your page in front of the users’ eyes as you choose. People who are interested in your product will like the page, contact you for the product. That is, you can reach your products to customers at home during the COVID-19 epidemic.

What is the benefit of page promotion?

Look! Age, liking, interest, location is nothing is similar to about 1.69 billion Facebook users. Everyone is different. This is normal for everyone who may not like your product. So if you are not able to present your ad in the right place, it is really nothing but a fool’s errand.

What to do now?

Now go to the Promote option of your page. Once there, a new pop up box will appear. There you will see two parts. On the right-hand side, you’ll see how your ad will appear to the viewer. You have no work there. So you should rather be on the left side.

First, you have to select what you want to show. If you want the banner to show just like the one on the right, then there is no need to change the format option. And if you want to customize it, you can select a related image, video or slide show to upload related to your product.

Then in the text box, you will type something to attract customers. Write it in short and use simple language. Because Facebook will not give you space to write more than 90 characters there.

The next part is very important. As a merchant, you must customize the customer according to your product. For example, if you want to sell shaving cream, promoting it in front of women will not yield much fruit. You do not want to sell lipstick to a male user either. Again, if you want to sell toys, you need both men and women. But then again you have to consider age. Again you have to consider which area people you want to target. If you want to sell services online, you can do it all over the world. But if your physical presence is there, you need to specify that area as well. Considering everything you need to do the targeting. You can even target your customers based on demographics, interests, and behavior also.

What will be the cost?

It depends on your needs and abilities. However, it will cost at least $5. You can spend it in one day or in 5 days. There you can see how much potential likes you can get each day based on your spending. Select according to your need and afford.

What to do after that?

Your job is about to be finished. But the real work is left. That is, you have to pay for the service from Facebook. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, Payoneer or any other Facebook supported method. Then leave the rest on Facebook. You should be at home quietly to avoid infection with COVID-19, and ads for your product will rotate on the wall of your targeted customers. If anyone is interested, be prepared to serve him.

What? Do you think this is a problem? Then visit our website to offer you these services. There are always staff ready to serve your needs.

I am now at home quarantine, through which social network can I get the most benefit and how?

You can use all social media networks but recommended Facebook marketing, stay home and be safe from COVID-19  and marketing with Facebook, create good content and join different groups and engage with them. create products related to marketing video for Facebook sharing and getting more and more engagement by worldwide Facebook users because now maximum people are staying home for COVID-19 and time spending to social networks especially Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. after creating your video if you have no time for marketing or you do not know how to do that, you may buy Facebook video views cheap and instant with us. and if you want to know how to marketing for your video you can see our website blog.

Facebook Live video marketing:

Want to spend more charming time with your fans, followers or worldwide people with fun, creative, education, idea, or business, here is the very good and interesting option for you, and sure you will to love and like this system, go Facebook live and enjoy with real-time visitors questions and answers. enjoy your home quarantine with Facebook live as you want to share and fun. are you new into Facebook or you do not have huge followers do not worry buy Instant Facebook Live stream video views cheap and fun with your friends, followers, and live crowds, so stay in the home go Facebook live with your friends and family and safe from the Coronavirus. are you love to play games or songs or share with something so Facebook live is a very good option to connect your fans, followers or customers.

How can spend a good time at home through Instagram at this coronavirus time?

Feeling bored in the home for Quarantine so it’s for you can open an Instagram account or if you have one already that’s good, just engage with other people or create video or pictures and post to Instagram and get connected with other from your home, also have a very good feature in Instagram that’s called Instagram Live, if you want to connect with your nearest or fans and followers even your customer Go LIVE with Instagram and feel Amazing as normal life so your time will pass really better, Instagram allows 60 minutes live so its huge time for a meet with other and you can go live several times in a day, so run and fun with your time and safe. Can’t get Instagram Live viewers on your Live? do not worry, here we are ready to help for your Instagram live boosting, buy Instant Instagram live stream viewers Paypal and see magic and feel amazing. already posted a video and want to market from your home it easy you can boost with us and get more Instagram video views, comments like Instantly.

Here I have tried to tell you how you can have a happy time in your home during this crisis. This is a world-wide quarantine time. So stay at home, spend time on the Internet, meet up with friends online, be nice, and keep safe your family, country and the world. How you Can Be Better In Your Home And How Can You Make More money from your own room by online at this COVID-19 time, Contact Me For Any Support, We Are Ready To Serve Free.

What we are larned from COVID 19?

After Coronavirus world will make many changes of our life, personal life, social life, even all kinds of business life, I think many sales will online and huge business by the internet because people will love virtual life because people see this world’s situation very dangerous so after this situation, the whole world will be changing, people will love to stay separately for life security, so surely many businesses will grow on Internet base shopping. so this is the time to grow your business on an online base, make websites do SEO and SMM, and lead your business across the world.


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