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Check your Facebook settings if the Google bots are ignoring your Fan Page. In most cases, your settings are what’s preventing Google from creep then categorization your Fan Page.
Facebook suggests excluding bound counties if your content violates the countries laws or your content can be thought-about offensive there. Keep offensive content off your business page and let countries worry regarding censoring extrajudicial content that their voters could access. Don’t exclude any geographic locations, although your business isn’t the world. merely leave the box blank. If you exclude folks inbound countries from viewing your Facebook Fan Page, folks got to be logged into Facebook to look at your page, therefore, Facebook will verify their location. Google bots can’t log in to Facebook, consequently, they can’t crawl your Fan Page for categorization.
Age restrictions additionally keep your page from being indexed as a result of they additionally exclude Facebook users World Health Organization aren’t logged in. reckoning on your trade, you will be ready to use age restrictions on specific posts and let everybody see your main Fan Page, therefore, you’ll get indexed by Google.
Don’t hide content from Google. If you’ve got content that you reserve for fans, Google won’t see the content as a result of Google’s bots aren’t a follower of your business. If your business can gain a lot of fans by giving exclusive content, make certain there’s much alternative contents for Google to index before making any exclusive content.


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