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Daily Search engine optimization, social media marketing, and internet marketing related update here. 


Today Tiktok announce that they are stopped their service in HongKong, it is announced when china imposed a security low so from now no one can use TikTok in China once it will reopen.


Today new news from Google, from now google analytics its fully first time in google, the analysis will be both traffic app or website for details you can visit


Google Announced that from today all location history will be deleted after 18 months, it will apply on Google all products like Google, YouTube, apps so all location history will be auto default delete.


Google today going new update for website page rank fact here today special think one is google page speed and mobile-friendly fact, it is old think but googles saying new. here details from google.


Google announced that they’re going added 3 new attributes for google my business:

Those 3 attributes will use for business highlighting service and those are a new way of boosting and business marketing.

Google called those 3 attributes DINE-IN, NO CONTACT DELIVERY, CURBSIDE PICKUP, for details you can find here.


Facebook shops

Big good news for small business owners and company, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that they are launching the new feature the called “Facebook Shops” in this new feature Facebook e-commerce will really easy and new experienced for products and service selling their products by Facebook and Instagram, for selling products facebook allow for communication their very popular tools WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram direct. so anyone also can buy just clicks in product tags in during the Instagram and Facebook Live.

Zuckerberg also said for this Facebook shop feature he is involved in developing, every Facebook tool now very popular for their specialty, so this option will really help for online products selling so try from now with Facebook and Instagram live marketing. if you need more Facebook live stream and Instagram live stream traffic you may visit that page.

Zuckerberg more said “long-term shop and other e-commerce could help Facebook drive more ad helps,”  by Facebook, the shop will open a new door for e-commerce business because Facebook handles the payment by the Facebook manager for Instagram and Facebook for selling is the details about Facebook checkout.


Today Facebook announced that it is going a new look at Facebook you can change your new look to click by the switch to a new Facebook button and you may go back to the old Facebook version also, On a new Facebook site you can find easily and big font. Facebook said all Facebook thinks will more easy and smart. as I think really new Facebook site is better than old.


Pinterest added a few features today, Pinterest launched Shopify partnership, now Pinterest app now on Shopify, so millions of Shopify users connected with Pinterest also, Pinterest announced that for details please click here.

YouTube, Facebook, and all other social media network try hard and soul for removing pandemic intrigue videos, here are the details.

YouTube added a new option for the marketer, now they can see content to use in there to TV big screen. so see online content by the home TV screen.

The Instagram updated camera section, In the new update, added Instagram with different smart features with IG camera, so now easily and smartly use for the Instagram story with the camera, Included GIFs, countdown, pool easily can handle those. so use this update with Instagram and be smarter and upload it to Instagram.


The unique product description is very important for your website to get easy and quick rank to search engines: here are 20 reasons why you need to add unique products description for your website keywords or product rank. you can details here why you need to create unique descriptions.

Pinterest goes over 32 million uses in the first quarter in 2020, and over 367 million monthly active users on Pinterest so you will get big marketing opportunities in Pinterest.


On 05.04.2020 Google announced that they are going core update about search it’s called Google May 2020 core update, please check here what is saying google, In January 2020 was also a Google core update.

Bing Site scan: 

Now Bing search engine enable for your website or blog scan system, by bing webmaster tools you can use free website SEO issue for full free, how your site is going and what do you need to fix you can easily check and against the issue you can fix and go more high rank for your SEO fact. so it is really a very good feature for website SEO analytics only can do site owners by using the Bing webmaster tool.

Manual Penalty:

Google say’s if any site get manual penalty after recover the penalty the website will get get same rank.


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