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All about games and gaming with the best games list. How to earn money by gaming and progress faster in a game.

Today the game is very popular in the worldwide especially for online live and online gaming is a system, now people and users really love the online game, live game, if you want to be a popular as a gamer you should need choice online, here a huge number of targeted people watch a live game,  if you love the game then you can to be a gamer and earn huge money. by online gaming marketing.

Games and its history
Game is a term that doesn’t even need any description. People from all walks of life are similar with mobile games. Mostly the children love to play mobile games. The name of the first mobile game is “Tetris”. It was created by a Russian software engineer named Alexey Pajitnov who created the game in 1984. This single game sold 202 million copies at that time. Tetris is available on 65 platforms. This game from 1984 has its name on Guinness world record! Hagenuk MT-2000 is the mobile phone which had this game built in. This mobile phone was manufactured in Støvring, Denmark in 1994. But Tetris alone was not its specialty. What made it special was its built-in antenna. After three years Nakia company launched the “Snake” game. This game was very successful as this game is found on 350 million-plus devices. Those are the old age. Now is the age of science. In this age, the technologies know no bound. They are upgrading day by day. Mobiles games are now very much upgraded.

Top and Best Android Games
1. Call of Duty: Mobile
2. PUBG Mobile
3. Garena Free Fire
4. Clash Of Clans
5. Pokemon Go
6. Mobile Legends Bang Bang
7. Asphalt 8: Airborne
8. Subway Surfers
9. The Walking Dead series
10. The Wolf Among Us
11. Minecraft
12. Lords Mobile
13. 8 Ball Pools
14. The Alchemist Code
15. Rise of Kingdom: Lost Crusade

Top and Best PC and Laptop the Games
1. GTA V
2. Call of Duty MW Warzone
4. Fortnite
5. Rainbow Six Siege
6. Dota 2
7. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
8. Apex Legends
9. Minecraft
10. Dead by Daylight
11. Igi 2
12. Assassin’s Creed (2 /Origins /Odyssey)
13. Far Cry 3
14. Half-life 2
15. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 (2002)

Investment in Gaming
In simple words, the one who plays games is known by the name “Gamer”. Gaming now is also a profession. People play games record and upload them. Youtube and Facebook are mostly used for uploading or live gameplay streams. People are uploading them every day every hour to make social fans as much as possible. To do so they even invest money to boost their posts, pages, or channels. They also buy real, organic, and high-quality social fans from different top-ranked companies such as buy social fan. They buy real organic subscribers, likes, comments, shares and Facebook and all other live stream viewers. For example, suppose you are a gamer and you post live gameplay every day. They are good enough but aren’t reaching enough people. So you would obviously want your gameplay to be famous and reach enough people. And so you will look forward to buying social fans which help you to grow. So gamers nowadays invest money lavishly on gaming.

Earn Money by Gaming
On the contrary, it’s not all about investing. Gamers also earn money through gaming. Gamers upload their gameplay or go live and if there are enough viewers, they might even get money from YouTube or Facebook for that gameplay. But in that case, the gameplay must be good. Otherwise, viewers won’t pay attention to your videos. And that’s how gaming has nowadays become a profession. People are earning money by playing games.. But that’s not the only way to earn money from games. A person can also earn money by making games. If you make a successful game, you will be able to earn money from, there are a few things that cant be earned by playing you have to buy them with real money. As like PUBG, it is a very popular game with a massive number of players. In that game, people buy royal pass with money just to get a cool avatar and other resources. Or like Clash of Clans, Players buy special packs and royal pass for awesome rewards and faster progress. That’s how game creates earn money. Though creating a game that good is not a piece of cake, The contents, the theme, the graphics, sound quality, BGM, etc must be good enough to entertain the player. The other way is by showing ads of different websites or companies or products or any other games. The gamers will see the ads and the game creator will get money for it. The game which earns a lot of money by selling royal pass or special packs like PUBG or Clash of Clans just like I mentioned before don’t bother to show ads ensure best gaming experience.

Good and Bad Sides of Gaming
People though look at gaming in a bad way. Some people say its a waste of time some will say its useless. But gaming has a lot of bright side too. People earn money from it. It is also a great source of entertainment. people of any age love to play games by their choice. English is our international language. But English is not every countries mother tongue. So in those nations people have to learn English. While playing games a person comes across a lot of new words which helps to build a strong vocabulary. A strong vocabulary is a must to have good control over English. While playing multiplayer games people get a chance to talk with people from different countries. That’s how they get to know about different nations which increases their general knowledge. Playing games also increases creativity. It also helps to increase the imagination power. Albert Einstein said, ” Imagination is better than invention.” It increases our critical thinking skills which are very important. To play a game really good, you need good coordination among your brain, eyes and hands. Gaming creates a good combination among your brain, eyes and hands. This coordination is also really important in our day to day life. Along with the advantages, it has a lot of disadvantages and discredits too. It creates strong addiction which is really harmful. There is a Chinese couple who sold their babies to keep up with the bills for their video game addiction. That couple met at an internet cafe in 2007 while playing a video game. So gaming addiction is very dangerous.

Gaming Is a huge platform. Some people play games for entertainment, some to make social fans and some to earn money. The thing that is common between all of them is the passion and love for gaming. That is what makes them a gamer. A true gamer finds his peace and love in gaming. But a person should also be aware of its disadvantages.

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