Live Streaming at Social Media. How to Get Live Stream Viewers.

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Live Streaming
Nowadays live streaming is one of the most used features in social media. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch TV, Periscope are the most used platforms for live streaming. Live streaming is a process of data transmission of an event over the internet in real-time. In this process, the event is being recorded and broadcasted concurrently.

Live Streaming at Social Media
Social media is the only platform that has allowed peoples from all walks of life to use the live streaming feature. Some social media have this feature with other features like Facebook or YouTube. But there are even some apps which are made dedicated to live streaming such as Twitch, Periscope, Streamkar, Bigo live, etc. A massive number of people go live every day using these apps and billions of people are watching these live streams daily. Live streaming is also used for commercial purposes too.

Why Live Stream Viewers are Important?
A live stream without live streamers is valueless. If your content is good enough it will attract the viewers. There is a saying that viewers attract viewers. Every day billions of people are watching live streams on different social media websites. But still, the streamers don’t get enough views. People live to gather more social fans. Celebrities and gamers are going to live Every day. There are also streamers who do live streaming to promote or advertise their company’s product or for other commercial benefits. But in cases like this, If you don’t get viewers all of it goes in vain. If you are a YouTuber and you are streaming live videos every day. But you are not getting enough views, YouTube won’t pay for that live stream and that’s a negative point for your YouTube channel. So that’s why viewers are so important when the topic is live streaming.

How to Get Live Stream Viewers?
To get live viewers the most important thing is to enhance your content quality. The quality of the content is a very important fact. If you want to attract more and more viewers you can’t avoid this fact. But if still, you are not getting viewers then you can contact those companies which provide 100% real, organic, high-quality social fans with lifetime guarantee. If you need Live FB live stream viewers, YouTube live stream viewers or any other live stream viewers you can contact these companies and get live stream viewers.

Instagram for Live Streaming.

Instagram is another social media used all around the world. If you look at the world ranking Instagram stands strong at number 26 position. Instagram has more than 1 Billion active users per month. It is a huge platform used by people all from all around the globe. Instagram has live streaming feature too. People even invest to get Instagram live viewers. This social media site has such unique features for live streaming that has made Instagram so famous for live streaming. But their method is a bit different. On Instagram, the live streams are shown in the story option. Instagram with its 500 million daily active story users is one of the most famous social media for live streaming. Celebrities go live with Instagram most. But that doesn’t mean ordinary people can’t or don’t go live. People from all walks of live go live using Instagram.

Facebook for Live Streaming
Facebook is the number one social media website in the world. Almost 2 billion people log into Facebook daily and these platforms’ live streams have been watched more than 350 million hours. 20% of facebook’s video is nowadays live streamed. Live streaming feature was launched in 2016 on Facebook. Now it is the most used social media for live streaming. Facebook live streaming is used by different people with different motives. Some go live using this platform for fun, some to gather fans and some for commercial purposes.

Youtube for Live Streaming
YouTube has provided live streaming services since 2011. To do live streaming on Youtube a streamer can use mobile, webcam or encoder. The most famous live stream on YouTube was Felix Baumgartner’s space jump.  If you look at world rankings you will find Youtube in the second position. Every day millions of people are watching these live streams every day. YouTube streaming is also a very popular place for advertising any product.

Twitch is the place where gamers and game lovers gather. Every day at least 500,000 streams are being broadcasted on Twitch. Almost 15 million people visit Twitch every day. In 2019 almost 1 billion viewers watched League of Legends. So Twitch is the best platform for gamers to share their gameplay live.

Periscope at Live Streaming
Periscope is another famous social media site for live streaming. Periscope is basically a service provided by the Twitter company. The number of periscope users is 10 million with 2 million daily active users.  Every day 350.000 hours of video ais being streamed on Periscope.

So when it comes to live streaming Periscope is a name that can’t be avoided.

Other Social Media’s for Live Streaming
Apart from Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Periscope there are more social media sites and apps that allow their users to use the live stream feature. Such as Bigo live, Streamkar, etc.

Video Streaming Market Size will be almost 185 billion by 2027 according to Grand View Research, Inc.

Big live stream marketing coming because after Corona time all businesses will make sales by live and virtual, so this is the time to create strong social media networks and work according to rules. do attract more and more people on social media networks it must very good work for your business, especially do live continuously and get more customers.

I think today’s best online real-time marketing system is Live streaming, for your products or service you may go live with your products or services to show your clients. it is more trusted and at a time many clients handling and satisfaction procedure. so add people to your or profile and get more customers easily, many ways you can find getting targeted people from social networks by liking, sharing, engaging, inviting, advertising, also if you have no time to do this just let us know, we will do for you getting more live viewers easily.


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