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Live Stream
Live streaming is one of the hotlisted topics. Live streaming is a process of data transmission through the internet in real-time. Facebook and YouTube is the most known website for live streaming. According to Nielsen’s U.S. Video 360 Report 2018, 42% of the total population of the U.S have live-streamed. The rate was 25% in 2017 which is increasing by leaps and bounds every year. In 2018, 425 million people users streamed live in China. By 2021 its gonna be an industry of 70.5 billion. Forrester report says that the investment in video ad content is expected to be 103 Billion by 2023.

Live stream viewers
Simply put, any person who is watching a live stream can be called as a live stream viewer. Viewers are the lifeblood of the live stream. After watching a live stream of an event, 67% of the viewers book tickets for that event. Commercially it is very important to get viewers on live streaming. Sometimes, products or any issues can get viral or popular because of the number of viewers.  A huge number of viewers are supposed to popularise or help marketing as a platform. So viewers are very important when the topic is live streaming.

The necessity of live stream viewers
Live viewers are the lifeblood of a Live Stream. 80% of the user prefer watching a live stream than a regular video. A live streamer streams live for getting live viewers. If there are no viewers the whole hard work becomes valueless. If it’s done for advertisement, its main purpose is to attract customers more and more. But if the stream doesn’t reach enough people they won’t be getting many customers from that stream. There are also a few simple ways to get live stream viewers. Such as enhancing the content or boosting the stream. You can also buy organic live stream viewers. These companies provide real organic FB live stream viewers and YouTube Live Stream Viewers with lifetime guaranty.

Social media as a live stream platform
live streaming at social media refers to stream any video content which will be streaming on any social media like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, Bigo live, etc. Besides, there are so many sites for online streaming. Twitch is the biggest live streaming platform in social media. As a marketing tool, online streaming is becoming popular day by day.  Especially in the recent pandemic situation, most of the people spent their free time being in social media. That’s why it is a big platform for both customers or viewers and business people. Now a days social media performs not only as a communication bridge between people but also as a big platform for e-commerce,  social awareness or publicity.

Importance of live streaming at social media
Besides Facebook and youtube, Twitch, periscope, Instagram is the most famous live streaming platform. 80% of internet users watch live streams on Facebook. Twitch Is a social media website dedicated only for live streaming. According to twitch TV’s statistics of 2019, 660 Billion minutes were watched, one million two hundred fifty-six thousand viewers, and almost 50k live channels. The watch time of Twitch, YouTube and Facebook respectively was 2,720,020,000, 735,540,000, 197,760,000 back in 2019. (source)


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